Getting Started

Follow these simple steps and you'll get your ShoppingScraper account up and running in no time. If you'd like to get a full tour of ShoppingScraper and all its features, take a video tour.

The steps to setup success:

  1. Register for a trial to receive your login credentials
  2. Assemble a list of EAN codes 
  3. Create a new price tracker or buy box tracker
  4. Add you EAN codes manually or paste a CSV URL for us to import
  5. Share your dashboard with a colleague
  6. Wait a minute and.. you're live!
  7. If you are into raw data use the API
  8. If you want to export the pricing data use our public CSV functionality
  9. Check out our API manual, you key is on the dashboard
  10. Integrate your data in Google Sheets

Web app: access to pricing and live data for everyone =)
Now that you are a ShoppingScraper user, Scotty our mascotte will help assist you in our webapp. If you have any questions, please use the help functionality on the bottom right.

In the web app you can use: 

  • live search for real time data from marketplaces
  • playground to check out raw data from the API responses
  • reports to combine multiple requests in actionable insights
  • buy box and price trackers to check buy box and pricing data
  • export buy box and pricing data to a live CSV file

API: access raw data for analysts, data scientists, developers and power users
Our API is very easy to understand and gives access to the raw data from our scraper. We have a range of channels that we support with different endpoints in our API.  Read our use cases to know all the insights about the API.

Read the credits explanation how they work and how to check your balance.

Free trial

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Let Scotty help you. Send us a message. Send us a message.