Credits: what you need to know

Wondering how credits work on ShoppingScraper? 🤔 

It's simple! You can use your credits to get data from webshops or marketplaces.

Marketplace requests are most often more complex to scrape. 😓 But don't worry, we won't charge you credits if a search isn't successful due to a connection error or other issue on our end. Just keep in mind that credits are charged regardless of whether a search has a result or not, since we have to actually make the request to get the result.

So there you have it! With ShoppingScraper, you can easily scrape webshops and marketplaces to stay on top of pricing trends in your industry. 🕵️♂️ Just make sure to keep an eye on your credits balance so you don't run out. 💳 Happy scraping! 🛍️

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