What are Buy Box Trackers?

In the buy box tracker you can follow the buy box owner through the course of time. 

What you can do with buy box trackers

  • Choose your own scraping frequency, every hour, day or week
  • See the current buy box owners
  • Share the dashboard in a link (no credentials needed!)
  • Export the data of the buy boxes and their prices in a live updated CSV file on a web URL
  • Download a CSV with all buy box data

Making a buy box tracker

  1. Press the 'Add buy box tracker' button on the Buy Box Tracker screen.
  2. Select the right country
  3. Give the buy box tracker a name
  4. Add products to your tracker by pasting a list of EAN codes, importing a CSV or connecting you Google Merchant Center. Confirm by pressing the 'Add' button and you're done.
  5. Now wait for it.... And a minute later your products are loaded in your screen!

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