What are Price Trackers?

💰 Tired of playing a never-ending game of cat and mouse with e-commerce prices? 🐭 ShoppingScraper is here to be your trusty sidekick! 🦸

Creating a new price tracker on ShoppingScraper is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  First, select your marketplace and country of choice. Give your tracker a fancy name and set the tracking frequency to your liking - hourly or daily.

Next, assemble a list of EAN codes for the products you want to track. You can add them manually or import a dynamic CSV from a URL. Just make sure the EAN codes are listed in the first column and don't worry, you can add up to 2,000 products per list.

Once you've added your EAN codes, just sit back, relax and let ShoppingScraper do the heavy lifting for you. In no time, you'll have all the data you need - buy box owner, cheapest sellers, price ranges and even seller prices all at your finger tips. And if you want to collaborate, share your dashboard with a colleague.

And when it's time to download or export the pricing data, ShoppingScraper has got you covered. You can use the download functionality to get a CSV file of the data, or use the public CSV functionality to access a fixed link with three files containing all scraped data from the last week, all data from the last 24 hours, and the cheapest data from the last 24 hours.

Check out the full video to see how it works.

Don't waste any more time on manual tracking – try ShoppingScraper and take control of your e-commerce success. 🚀

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