What is live search?

🔍 Live search is your one-stop shop for all your product research needs! 💻

With the power of our top-notch API, you can access real-time prices, marketplace search results, and product details with just a few clicks.💥

💰 Check the prices of a product across multiple marketplaces by using the product endpoint and entering the EAN (European Article Number) of the product.

🔍 Want to search for top sellers for a keyword? Use the search endpoint and enter a keyword or phrase related to the product you're looking for. This will give you SERP (search engine results page) results from different marketplaces.

📜 Want to know everything about a product? You can check the details of a product found on product detail page by entering the URL of the page.

Some examples of marketplaces and endpoints you can use:

  • Amazon (product/search)
  • bol.com (product/search)
  • Coolblue (product)
  • Google Shopping (product/search)
  • Tweakers.net (product)

But wait, there's more! 🎉 You can also export all the data you see by simply downloading a CSV file. 💾

And for the tech-savvy among us, you can even check out the raw API response straight from the ShoppingScraper API. 

🤓 Because sometimes, you just want to see the magic behind the curtain.

Watch the full explanation video below to see everything explained.

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