Hobby, Startup and Business plan

We have three standard plans at ShoppingScraper: Hobby, Startup and Business.

Hobby Startup Business Enterprise
Requests (page, product, search and seller endpoint) 25.000 37.500 125.000 >500.000
Marketplaces included none (page endpoint only) 1 2 custom
Additional requests not possible not possible 25k additional webshop
requests for €29,-
Price/month €49 €129 €349 contact us

Credits are reset every 1st of the month and expire at the end of each month. We charge for found and not found requests, as the amount of work is equal for our system in both cases. Marketplace requests are twice the cost of a webshop request. Access to another marketplace costs 29,- per marketplace.

Need more requests than is available in business on a regular basis? Contact us.

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