How to connect GPT-3 with ShoppingScraper using Google Sheets?

We use two separate add-ons to connect the ShoppingScraper API and GPT-3 together.

  1. First of all we're using the ImportJSON function to get the data from ShoppingScraper.
  2. We've added GPT for Sheets by Talarian to get the data from GPT-3.

In order to get access to the demo Google Sheets please follow these steps: 

  1. Fill in this form and we'll e-mail you the link to the Google sheets
  2. Get an ShoppingScraper API key by registering for a trial
  3. We will upgrade your trial account with 500 within a day. You will start with 100 credits.
  4. After logging in the ShoppingScraper web app, copy the API key from the API playground
  5. Paste the API key in the 'settings' pane in the Google Sheets
  6. Install the GPT for Sheets by Talarian add on for Google Sheets
  7. Register for an account at OpenAI
  8. Create a new secret key on the OpenAI API key page and copy the key
  9. Go to the Google Sheets link and set the API key in the GPT for Sheets extension in Google Sheets by accessing the 'Extensions' settings
  10. Enter you first EAN code and let the magic begin!

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